SafeArbor is
contactless, cashless
hardware systems for
cannabis pre-order
pick up

Customer-centric Experience

SafeArbor is the smart container system for storing and processing sensitive cargo in complex regulatory spaces.

Improving the way controlled goods are stored and sold

We've integrated connected machine technology to remove the burdens of compliance with beautiful & functional design.

Pre-order pickup for the cannabis market

Our digital hardware secures, tracks, and automates customer pickup at dispensaries.

In retail spaces, consumers face close quarters, congestion, contaminated surfaces, and long wait times. Most transactions require cash, and human-to-human contact.
Post COVID-19, SafeArbor gives operators a pathway to continuous customer servicing in times of uncertainty.

Our lockers allow dispensaries to run their stores with minimal staffing, and enable pick-up customers to execute transactions regardless of sales staff availability. Cannabis business can stay open and productive, while minimizing public interaction.

Boosts sales volume and increases efficiencies

Licensed Operators get a proven automated IoT hardware that vastly reduces their employee costs and time, and provides a safer, more secure retail experience for everyone.

Versatile installation options

Our hardware is modular: lockers can be stand-alone on the retail floor, built into the structural integrity of the building to be rear-loading, or can be built to accommodate drive-through pickup

Minimizes the cost of customer service

SafeArbor offers a sustainable way to reduce workforce expense, and cut customer transaction time.

How It Works

After placing their orders online and being authorized dispensary entry by the facility, customers are able to proceed through a contactless pick-up in just a few, quick steps.

Use your mobile phone to scan your order number.
Enter pin number.
Scan your ID.
Complete transaction payment.
Pick up product from locker.

Reduction in labor costs annually per hire

3 months

Until the hardware pays for itself


Post-COVID percentage of retail customers who prefer electronic payment

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